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The last 50 years

Peter discusses Monetary Policy over the last 50 years at the CGAM Investor day

5 October 2021

CGAM Investor Day – Opening Remarks

Peter Spiller Opens the CGAM Investor Day

5 October 2021

US inflation surge set to stay?

Why investors should be sceptical of the view that higher inflation is just a ‘transitory’ event

4 August 2021

Lessons to learn from Keynes

Peter Spiller examines some of the risks around inflation that global policymakers are flirting with

9 June 2021

Is it worth the price tag?

Would you pay $69 million for the first purely digital work of art ever offered by a major auction house?

11 May 2021

The £690m trust gearing up for the next slump.

Investment Trust Capital Gearing is a fund for all seasons.


9 May 2021

A blip in inflation

Peter talks to MoneyWeek about how he navigated the last extraordinary year

16 April 2021

“Don’t be greedy, and have fun”

Peter talks to Proactive London about how his 3 principles have guided him to produce positive total returns to shareholders

26 March 2021

Finding opportunity amid uncertainty

Peter discusses with Richard Hunter at Interactive Investor his investment style and why bitcoin is an ESG disaster

23 March 2021

Bitcoin. A reliable store of value?

Chris discusses the certain discomfort around Bitcoin in a special report on cryptocurrency

22 January 2021

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