Committed to
wealth protection

Our investment approach emphasises long-only asset allocation as a powerful tool to preserve capital and deliver superior investment performance over the long term.

Driven by dependability

We are a boutique investment house with a mission to protect our clients’ capital by focusing on absolute return and inflation-linked sovereign bonds. Our unrivalled long-term track record is testament to the academic rigour that lies behind our investment approach.

We call this unorthodox conservatism; the application of intelligence and careful thought to generate positive returns through a multitude of economic cycles.

There are times when investors should seek to achieve strong investment gains and times when they should seek to avoid loss. A clear understanding of the risks in the investment environment combined with the portfolio construction abilities to mitigate those risks, is the most important driver of long term investment returns.

Our funds have strong appeal to clients with a long-term horizon, an aversion to capital loss and a total return mindset. Our funds are managed without reference to indices or benchmarks – this allows us to focus on areas that we believe offer value, rather than being forced into pro-cyclical investment decisions by a requirement to shadow a benchmark.

Self Discipline

Psychological Biases

Asset Allocation

Our strength
belies our size

We consider ourselves to be in an extended partnership, incorporating our team and our clients. CGAM is majority owned by an Employee Ownership Trust, the John Lewis model of co-ownership by employees. Our principals have materially all their investible wealth in the funds we manage to align ourselves with our clients.

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