Partnership is
in our DNA

While the financial markets continue to be volatile, dynamic spaces, we remain focused on building solid, sustainable and mutually beneficial client relationships.

Our approach

CGAM is a focused boutique, we believe you cannot do the same things as others and expect to outperform. Thoughtful investing requires an awareness of risk, an acceptance of uncertainty and a long term attitude of patient optimism. We welcome clients who share our outlook and are happy to invest alongside us.

Our open and collegial culture is routed in our three founding principles:

The client comes first:
We do what’s necessary to protect our investors, even if that means closing a fund to new investment.

Don’t be greedy:
We continuously strive to lower our fees, even on closed funds.

Have fun:
A happy, collaborative working environment results in better, client-focused decisions.

An animation on the first 40 years of Capital Gearing Trust

Employee Ownership Trust and the Future

for the long run

In over 20 years no fund manager has ever left our firm and it is this continuity that sits at the heart of the consistency of our funds.

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